Welcome to the English part of Forsbacka Golf Clubs home page. This page will summarize out facilities and at the end of this page you'll find contact information to the different departments.


Restaurant/Forsbacka Manor:

The main building of the manor was built 1818 and were constructed to replace the old manor house. The owners at that time thought they needed a large, grander main building. This new building acted as the base of operation for the manor as long as it were in use. Today it's still a core in Forsbacka Golf Clubs organization, the manor houses restaurant and clubhouse. The restaurant is also reception for the hotel.

Hotel/The forester wing:

The building today known as the forester wing were built in 1747 as the manor house. In 1818 the new main building was constructed, and the old manor house were degraded to a wing. Today the structure serves as a hotel with a total of 13 rooms.

Changing rooms/East wing:

As you can see in the picture the east wing is to the right of the main building. The history of the building isn't widely known, it's likely that it was used for storage. Today however it's used as changing rooms and facilities for the camping spots.


The storehouse has always been used for storage and keeps being used in the same way. It has varied greatly what's stored, but today it's rarely used at all.

The agricultural building:

As the name suggests it used to be a building for the working animals, a stable if you will. Today the building is golf shop and reception for the golfers and other guests. It also houses the machinery for the everyday work at the golf course.


Following is numbers and emails to each department.

Golf club and golf shop:

+46532-61690 or info@forsbackagk.se

Hotel, restaurant, and conference:

+46532 616 12 or forsbacka@amalhotellen.se


Any and all other and questions or departments, please call +46532-61690 and chose 1.